Artisan’s Statement

I started andesign custom furniture and art in the fall of 2001 with the aim of providing clients with furniture of lasting value, quality and artistic flair.

When Louis Henri Sullivan (1856-1924) said that “form ever follows function” he was talking about the aesthetic merits of tall office buildings, however the sentiment applies to furniture as well. A chair has to work as a chair in addition to being a sexy place to rest your backside.

The methods found in my shop are old school. In addition to the use of chisels, planes and scrapers, the components I make are guided by hand past the various powered cutting and shaping tools used. I do not use computer driven routers so as a result the furniture is hand made.

My pieces and designs are well considered and the construction is approached in a patient and practiced manner. The impression conveyed hearkens back to a slower less hurried time and the pieces should be appreciated in much the same way.

It takes time to make things simple.

Ivan Antoniw
July 1, 2004
Vancouver, British Columbia